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The Pedal-A-Watt Stationary Bicycle Generator

البريد الإلكترونى طباعة

Today’s twin goals of keeping fit while doing something good for the planet by creating electricity without any pollution come together in a product that has been around for over ten years – The Pedal-A-Watt Stationary Bicycle Generator. Use your bicycle along with the

Pedal-A-Watt Stand (it takes 15 seconds to drop your bike in) and create anywhere from 100 to 300 watts depending on how strong you are.

Then, use this energy to power small, household appliances. For example, a home office with a laptop and high efficiency LED lighting can be run for almost three hours on just a 30 minute workout.
The kids can “earn” their TV time by pedaling to create the energy needed to watch their favorite shows. Plus, kids will learn the true meaning of a “watt” and how many watts it takes to power their favorite electronic devices. It gives them a newfound appreciation for the cost of energy in physical terms.
And, the user will be helping to stay fit too. The typical adult will burn somewhere between 300 and 700 calories for each 30 minute workout. A few times a week and the calories expended really add up. Plus, the amount of energy created over time is surprising.
People all over the world have used the Pedal-A-Watt to power all kinds of items such a projectors, radios, lights in remote villages, water pumps, small heaters, chicken coops and hundreds of other unique applications.
The Pedal-A-Watt has been donated to schools across the country to help grade school children learn about alternative energy.

قريبا..راحة اليد تتحول الى تليفون محمول

قد يصبح النقر باصبع على راحة اليد أو الذراع هو طريقة التفاعل قريبا مع الاجهزة الالكترونية الصغيرة.فقد نجح العلماء في الولايات المتحدة في تحديد مواضع على اليد يمكن النقر عليها لادخال بيانات وتشغيل أجهزة التليفون المحمول أو مشغل الاغاني.ويقول كريس هاريسون مخترع التقنية الجديدة إن استخدامها يتطلب تدريبا لا تتجاوز مدته عشرين دقيقة.
وكان هاريسون، وهو

اقرأ المزيد...