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VIDEO: Solar Stereo Speakers

البريد الإلكترونى طباعة
Imagine a cool poolside with golden sunlight, lifting music and relaxing time – sounds great, no! Now great music, wireless speakers, and excellent audio quality – all these are possible with Devotec Solar Sound 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers. Almost all phones, MP3 players and music players can be connected to these speakers wirelessly to get instant clear, resonant music.
Portable Speakers:
No cables, no electricity and awesome music! Yes, all these are what make the Solar Sound 2 Stereo Speakers unique. Of course provisions are there with ports for attaching cable etc – for both charging with a power cord or if the music player does not have Bluetooth; with touch-capacitive buttons for smooth control.
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Perfect size for backpacking:
These speakers are portable and lightweight; great to take along while trekking, traveling or spending time poolside. They can be plugged into any headphone jack (3.5mm jack provided) and come with a headphone cable that can be retracted. Weighing about 300g and measuring 16.5 x 5.8 x 5.8cm, the Solar Sound 2 comes in a carry-pouch.

Best audio:
To get the best out of the speakers, the music device should be placed right on front of the speakers and within range. When paired with a Bluetooth device, the speakers get into pairing mode and sound great. A power boost mode is also available. The best quality sound from the speakers can be achieved by plugging them with USB cable to a source of power and mains plug and switching on the music.

Solar panels:
On top are solar panels that will charge the built-in battery when kept in direct sunlight. There are three touch-buttons for volume control, changing tracks and powering the speaker system. At the back, there are ports for attaching the cables. The solar panels are best utilized for playback once charged via the USB power cord.

Good choice?
Yes, these Solar Sound 2 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers are a good option as portable speakers to produce excellent quality audio. And the Bluetooth makes it easy to connect wirelessly to most of the latest music sources like cell phones, MP3 devices and like.

Feature details, price etc can be found at Devotec Industries.
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