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Suntech Plans To Produce a 10MW Solar Assembly On The Top Of The Earth

البريد الإلكترونى طباعة
Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (NYSE: STP), the world’s predominant manufacturer of solar panels, publicized it will produce a 10MW solar system on the roof of the top of the earth that is going to produce several years of clean electrical energy for 1,000s of families of the Tibetan Plateau.
Based in Chek Kang village within the Sangri County, Shannan Prefecture, Tibet, the solar power plant will likely be one of the uppermost on the the face of the earth at around four thousand meters higher than sea level. With target full development by the middle of 2011, the facility will create in the region of 20,000MWh of sustainable electricity every year to help enable replenishable economic development in Tibet.
In days gone by, the mountainous area has relied overwhelmingly on hydroelectric solutions for much of its baseload power production. However, shifting climate styles in recent years have precipitated more frequent droughts and diminished water quantities in hydroelectric reservoirs. These changes have led to peak power shortages that are an obstacle to the region’s sustained economic growth. The new 10MW solar power plant would help to alleviate peak power shortages and assist as a robust addition to present hydroelectric assets.
“With intense sunlight and cool temperatures, Tibet is extremely well-suited for the utilization of advanced photovoltaic technology,” says Dr. Zhengrong Shi, Suntech’s Founder, Chairman and CEO. “We’re proud to invest in preserving the region’s fragile ecosystem by providing an economically-viable and sustainable solution for electricity generation. From the desert sands of Arizona to the peaks of the Himalayas, anyone can look up and harness nature’s cleanest and most abundant energy resource.”
Suntech has been productive in rural electrification assignments in Tibet. Over the last few years, Suntech has given over fifty independent solar systems for learning centers, community centers, and dwellings right through the area. In 2008, Suntech set up a solar system at Mt. Everest base camp to produce trekkers with fresh and dependable access to electric power. In thankfulness, a collection of mountaineers transported a Suntech flag to the very pinnacle of the planet.
“As we approach grid parity, we’re seeing a groundswell of appetite for multi-megawatt projects in Asia and emerging markets around the world. I’m confident that China will really turn some heads this year and perhaps even become a gigawatt market,” said Dr. Zhengrong Shi. “In this exciting transitional period, we will continue to diversify our global footprint to drive solar industry growth everywhere under the sun.”
مفاعل لحفظ التيار الكهربائي الزائد كغاز طبيعي في باطن الأرض
ألمانيا تختبر أول شبكة ذكية للكهرباء
قطعت تقنية إنتاج الطاقة البديلة، من الشمس والرياح وأمواج البحر والوقود البيئي (الزيت الطبيعي)، شوطا كبيرا حتى الآن باتجاه تحول البشرية إلى مصادر الطاقة المتجددة والبيئية. إلا أن هذه الطاقة القابلة للتدوير، عدا عن ارتفاع تكلفة إنتاجها نسبيا حتى الآن، لا تزال تعاني من مشكلة أساسية تتعلق بتسرب وهدر الكثير منها أثناء الإنتاج و
اقرأ المزيد...